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HyperPath Solutions has built a suite of products and services to support customers in the biotech, pharma, and research industries. Today these products and services include digital pathology, slide scanning, biorepository, and clinical trial kit management. HyperPath can provide a comprehensive and coordinated value chain for customers in need of one vendor to support multiple aspects of their core business.

Imaging analysis with quality assurance

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WSI Expertise, Dedicated Quality Assurance, Industry-Leading WSI Platform — Guaranteed

Dedicated imaging analysts perform quality assurance on nascent WSIs to ensure all tissue areas are captured with crispness and sharpness. We currently employ the Leica/Aperio platform in providing unparalleled image quality and customer service.

The team is currently evaluating other platforms as additional hardware will be going online in 2023. We are experienced with several types of tissue (both normal and diseased) which often present difficulties for most automated tissues processors.

Flexible Pricing

Highly individualized pricing options available as we provide customer focused offerings to meet individual needs.


HyperPath Solutions has built and deployed an infrastructure that now includes biorepository and kit management product lines. These news services complement our digital pathology slide scanning products and services allowing HyperPath to provide a value chain to customers seeking one capable vendor.


You are the only person that can access your data unless alternative permission is granted. We take the privacy and security of our data storage seriously, so the control is always in the hands of the researcher.


Our infrastructure allows us to scale and grow with our customer’s needs. Our team can store as little or as much samples and data as needed. Services can expand as necessary with little to no downtime. Working with HyperPath provides significant savings on facilities and operational cost freeing up premium R&D space at your facility.

Additional Benefits of Partnering with HyperPath Solutions

Access all of your slides from one computer

Keep important electronic files for important slides

Convenient downloading

Flexible Lab Support and Study Management

Real time access to temperature, sample movement, and security data.

Share images through a shared network while keeping the original glass slide safely archived

High-resolution scanning up to 40x magnification

Utilize AI to for more consistent and accurate measurements

Software allows to view slides at different magnifications, you can adjust colors and snapshot selected views for presentations

Sample retrieval, packaging, and international shipping


High-precision, quantitative, and digital image analysis services to support pre-clinical and clinical research

Image analysis leverages advanced algorithms on histology images to provide faster, broader, and more precise analytical results to move your research forward. We specialize in delivering high-throughput and quantitative tissue analyses of biomarkers in multiple drug discovery and cancer research areas.

We provide high-precision, quantitative, and digital image analysis services to support pre-clinical and clinical research. Delivering accurate, detailed, and reproducible quantification of the nuclear, membrane, and cytoplasmic markers on a cell-by-cell basis within Histology, IHC, and ISH tissue sections.

We Turn Pixels Into Meaningful Information

Customizable algorithms reveal precise and quantitative data that is accurate and repeatable.

We offer a number of tested and refined Image Analyses to extract meaningful information out of whole slide images (WSIs). In addition to studying expression patterns from IHC slides.

WSI Image analysis helps to address, but is not limited to the following: What is the quality of the stain? Where and how many objects are there in tumor cells? How much staining is there in nuclei and membranes? WSI also enables accurate and high-throughput quantification for histological slides.

Clinical Trials

HyperPath Solutions is a top-to-bottom technology company that offers a one-stop-shop for all areas of the clinical trial process. Our clients can use our kit management solution for sample collection, packaging, and shipment. Additionally, our biorepository can be used to house, monitor, and perform testing on samples.

Our scanning robots are available to digitize your stained glass slides, allowing pathologists and other researchers to view, share, and annotate at various magnifications.

We streamline clinical trials with trusted technological solutions that allow you to reach new heights of understanding, research and development. Our goal is to allow research teams to strengthen their findings with high-efficiency software and resources that simplify and enrich trial efficacy.

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