Biological sample storage

HyperPath Solutions provides biorepository services for short and long-term biological sample storage. We collect and store clinical trial samples to the capacity of a client’s full biorepository.

Our Services include:



Sample Demographic
Data Management

How we do it

Biorepository services for everyone

We store information in a user-friendly, secure, cloud-based confidential laboratory information and management system (LIMS) that allows our clients to monitor demographics and sample locations.

The HyperPath LIMS tracks the entire specimen life cycle, including receipt, assessment, storage, processing, shipping, and destruction. Our biorepository services are available to a variety of individuals, ranging from large pharmaceutical companies to small startups.

We go above and beyond

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for each client and firmly believe that the best results come from long-term partnerships.

That’s why we deliver flexible biostorage solutions tailored to each customer’s specific needs. While other labs force you to adapt to their workflow, we adjust our methods to best suit your requirements (and budget).

Turn-Key Bio Storage Solutions

Dedicated and validated storage units with access restriction to designated personnel

Flexibility for the selection of storage levels and geographic locations

Extensive experience in designing custom collection kits and sample processing at collection site

Accommodations for regulated and quarantined samples

End-to-end solutions for maintaining master and working cell banks

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Contact us to learn more about how HyperPath’s team can provide dedicated oversight spanning receipt, inventory, processing, and distribution of all biological samples.