VIPERx (Virtual Imaging for Pathology, Education, & Research eXpanded)

VIPERx is an AI-driven digital pathology cloud platform that supports pathology teams in determining patient outcomes and advising clinicians about clinical trial eligibility. This workflow solution is designed to process pathology results by digitizing data.

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The software draws upon pathology research spanning over the past fifteen years, to allow researchers to access cases with notable similarities. To assist in an accurate diagnosis, data and images highlight key diagnostics, such as percent mitosis, mitotic index and anaplasia.

The logic-based workflow presents biomarker information, new stains, and relevant clinical trials to assist the pathologist’s findings. The viewing system allows you to access information in a user-friendly graphic interface.

Enhacing the accuracy of results.

In sum, VIPERx expedites workflow by replicating the actions a pathologist will conduct through a microscope. The VIPERx software can quickly analyze and pull data that shortens completion timelines and enhances the accuracy of results.

We believe expert pathology requires industry-leading technological solutions.

Biotechnology is evolving rapidly which means research facilities need to meet critical demands to exceed productivity and maintain quality assurance. VIPERx software pushes your research forward with data-driven, pathologist-tested next-generation algorithms.