The Company

Our primary goal is to push research forward for the clinical trial space.

We strive to streamline the discovery of disease cures, medical solutions, and premier scientific findings with readily available digital pathology, biorepository, and kitting resources.

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We offer flexible per-project budgets that suit the needs of our clients.

HyperPath Solutions was founded in February 2021 in Ohio and has since worked on projects for research, academic, biotechnical and pharmaceutical companies.

HyperPath Solutions is proud to be an Ohio University Innovation Center member, as we take deep pride in our local community.

Today, we predominantly service the Ohio area and other Biotech hubs including Boston/Cambridge, New York, Research Triangle Park, San Diego, and San Francisco.


HyperPath Solutions has received financial support
from the Ohio Department of Development and the Ohio Third Frontier.

Our Leadership Team

Thomas Barr
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
William Beyer
Chief Technology Officer
Andrew Barr
Operations Specialist
Academic groups

We envision a rapid expansion into AI/DL/ML as we continue to grow our team. Additionally, HyperPath intends to partner with various academic groups, hardware & software companies, and laboratories as we further build our services.

Push Your Research Forward

HyperPath was created to allow for
expanded growth outside of academic limitations.

The current team at HyperPath worked together previously at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, providing pathology imaging, kitting services, and biorepository services to support several research programs including the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Clinical Trials Network (NCTN), the Cancer Genome Atlas Project, and multiple other groups.

Through years of close collaboration, the team works steadfastly as a unit to meet synergistic goals to develop new solutions for academic, biotech and pharmaceutical partners.

HyperPath Solutions is excited to bring unprecedented scale, accuracy and efficiency to front-critical research projects that can enhance the medical space and patient solutions in transformative ways.

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